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GMDSS Portable for Survival Craft

Meets the strict environmental requirements for survival craft radio

The IC-GM1600 meets temperature, thermal shock, vibration and drop resistant (from 1 m height) requirements. After passing those environmental tests, the IC-GM1600 sustains 1m depth waterproof construction specified with IMO resolutions A.809(19), A.694(17) and IEC 61097-12.

Optional high capacity Lithium battery, BP-234, has superior low temperature characteristics

Provides more than 8 hours operating time even at -20°C
(Duty cycle: Tx: Rx: Stand-by = 6: 6: 48)

Large keypad with positive button action

Wide viewing angle LCD display

Other features

  • One touch access to Channel 16 and call channel
  • Highly visible yellow colored body
  • Bright LED indicator on the top of panel
  • Optional VOX headset for on-board use
  • General
    Frequency Range (Tx/Rx) 156.300–156.875MHz
    Mode FM (16K0G3E)
    Power supply requirement 7.5/7.2V DC nominal
    Current drain

    (at 7.5/7.2V DC)

    Tx 2W output 1.0A
    1W output 0.7A
    Rx AF max. 200mA
    Operating temperature range

    USA Version

    General Version

    -20°C to °60°C; -4°F to 140°F

    -20°C to 55°C

    Antenna Impedance 50Ω (SMA fixed type)
    Dimensions (W×H×D)

    (Projections not included)

    65 × 145 × 44 mm;

    29/16 × 523/32 (H) × 123/32 in

    Weight (approx.) 385g; 13.6oz (with BP-234)
    Output power 2W/1W (Hi/Low)
    Max. frequency deviation ±5.0kHz
    Frequency Error

    USA Version

    General Version

    Spurious emissions

    USA Version

    General Version

    -70dBc typical

    0.25µW (30MHz–1GHz)

    1.00µW (1GHz–2GHz)

    Adjacent channel power 70dB
    FM Hum and noise ratio 40dB
    Audio harmonic distortion Less than 10% (at 60% mod.)

    USA Version

    General Version

    0.25µV (at 12dB SINAD)

    -2dBµ typ. (emf: 20dB SINAD)

    Squelch sensitivity

    USA Version

    General Version

    0.35µV typ. (at threshold)

    0dBµ typ. (emf: at threshold)

    Adjacent Channel Selectivity 70dB
    Spurious response 70dB
    Intermodulation Rejection

    USA Version

    General Version

    70dB typ.


    Hum and noise ratio 40dB
    Audio output power

    USA Version

    General Version

    0.35W typ.


    To comply with the requirements of GMDSS survival craft radio, the primary battery pack, BP-234, is required.

    Measurement made in accordance with TIA/EIA-603 and FCC part 80.271 for USA version. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

    Supplied Accessories

    • Battery pack, BP-234
    • Battery pack, BP-224
    • Battery charger, BC-158
    • AC adapter, BC-147A/E*
    • Belt clip, MB-103Y
    • Antenna, FA-S61V
    • Neck strap

    * Depending on version

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